Mortgage loan in U.S.A.

In New World Funding we offer a wide range of mortgage products from adjustable rate mortgages , fixed rate mortgages to construction loans . As a mortgage lender, we have the ability to set up custom pricing based on structured mortgage programs to meet individual needs. We have the power to approve, fund and close your loan. Our team can do everything for you.

Do you require a loan in the US and do not know the requirements to apply to our company?
New World Funding priority is our customer , so we advise you in all your mortgage paperwork.

Residential Mortgage Financing

We offer mortgages with adjustable and fixed rates for:

  • Residences.
  • Condominiums.
  • Townhouses.
  • Duplexes.
  • Triplex.
  • Fourplex.

Commercial Mortgage Financing

Our commercial mortgage financing programs are available for domestic and international customers. We provide funding for:

  • Apartment Buildings.
  • Malls.
  • Warehouses.
  • Office buildings.
  • Others.

Requirements U.S.A. mortgage loan with 30% down payment.

EMPLOYMENT: Employment history of 2 years

Self-employed / Freelance: Letter from your accountant stating occupation, business, and income during the last two years, and what has generated income in the current year. This letter must be received in the original.

Employee: Letter from the Human Resources or Finance department stating occupation, business, and income during 2010, 2012, and how much income has generated so far from 2012 to date. This letter must be received in the original.

HOUSING: History of housing for 2 years

Home: If your house has no mortgage, you should show the property’s title, accompanied with a letter from the property’s owner declaring that the property is free of liens, with no outstanding mortgages, and reporting how long the owner have lived in it.

If you still have a mortgage on the declared property, you must bring a letter from the lender showing; the original mortgage value, the current balance and the value of monthly payment. This is required in the original form of the Bank. It must be accompanied with a copy of the tax paid on to the state last year.

Rent: Letter of the person or company that manages your home, certifying the amount paid and whether there were late payments.

CREDIT: Credit history for 2 years

3 Reference Letters of 24 months, including 1 bank reference, the other two references may be trade references. Letters must indicate credit line, current balance, the date when account was established, and that it has been paid on time. All letters must come in original form (letterhead) of the issuing company.


Photocopy of the bank account extracts, from the last 6 months from a Bank in the United Estate. This account will be used to cover the closing fee, and 6 months of reserves, for the monthly payment established on the chosen program. The letter will not be used in the transaction for other use rather than verification.


  1. Photocopy of Passport
  2. Visa photocopy
  3. Check payable to the evaluator (company to be determined) for $ 400 which will be used for the valuation of the property. The buyer will be entitled to have a copy of the evaluation.